Breast Prosthesis and Shapers

Certified fitters at The Unexpected Gift can fit you with the appropriate breast form and bra after a breast surgery. A properly fit breast form and bra can provide you with confidence and symmetry. Wearing a breast form can also help a woman feel balanced and improve posture.

All Manitoba residents are eligible for a breast form and a mastectomy bra every two years with a prescription from your doctor. The Unexpected Gift is an approved retail supplier with the Manitoba Breast Prosthesis Program. The program covers the cost of the breast form and $50.00 towards the cost of a mastectomy bra.

The Unexpected Gift can fit women who have had a lumpectomy with a balance shaper to provide symmetry. A balance shaper can help when one breast is slightly or significantly smaller, missing tissue in the lower breast area, or uneven tissue on the upper or side area. There are many shapes that will provide balance.

The Unexpected Gift carries Amoena’s hand-made silicone breast forms and shapers. They feel natural and provide a secure fit. Amoena is the global leader in breast form technology. The various forms that Amoena produces are designed to meet the needs of women following breast surgery.

Come in and let us fit you.