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Convenience and comfort surround you when you enter The Unexpected Gift. There is a sense of security and understanding, that only a survivor can provide. For the person going through cancer, for their friends and family and for those who are concerned about toxic and carcinogenic compounds that are included in the everyday products we purchase.

The product lines The Unexpected Gift carries have been thoroughly researched and are safe to use. The services provided are pampering and compassionate. The Unexpected Gift is for those going through cancer, from diagnosis through to recovery and persisting conditions resulting from treatment.

It is for friends and family that are looking for a way to help their loved one. Product recommendations, an assortment of gift ideas, cards and books that will provide comfort.

It is also for those concerned with what products they are using and making the best choices for non-toxic, chemical free and non-carcinogenic brands. From skin care, cosmetics and nail care – The Unexpected Gift carries it all.

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