Your Chemo Kit includes all the items you need to get through treatment just a bit easier!

  • CanPlan – the ultimate organizational planner to keep all your information in one place.
  • Biotene mouth spray – specific to returning the mouth to its original environment, thus helping with infection and soothing mouth sores.
  • Queasy drops – made with natural ingredients and cane sugar, these drops are helpful with relieving nausea and combating the metallic taste that chemo may cause.
  • Colouring book and pencil crayons to help quiet the moments and pass the time during treatment. Colouring is proven to reduce anxiety and calm our nerves!
  • Lindi Skin Lip Balm – soothes and hydrates dry lips and cuticles. Made specifically for people going through chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Refresca – all natural sanitizer made with essential oils.
  • GORP bar – Manitoba made protein bar, made with rice protein, very digestible and great to have as a snack during treatment.
  • Handmade knit hat.
  • Convenient cotton tote to carry all your goods in!

These items can be used at home and taken with you to treatment. All the items are portable and serve a functional purpose to help with side-effects. Put together in a convenient cotton tote, you will always be organized for your next appointment.

$155 plus taxes

Amoena Bellflower Cotton Hat
(Black, Brown, Grape, Steel Blue and Grey)
Bamboo Softie Wraps
Bamboo Softie Hats
Amoena Marigold Hat
Amoena Daylily Hat
(Sand, Night Blue and Grey)
Amoena Tigerlily Hat
(Sand, Ivory and Grey)
CanPlan is a planner designed to assist cancer patients and caregivers with the daily battles of cancer, by providing words of encouragement, reminders for positive living, and a tracking method to monitor the illness from the beginning to the end.
Terapo Medik Well-Being Care Kit
This care kit is specifically designed to offer renewed well-being to those who have lost their hair following chemotherapy or cranial radiation therapy. No sulfates, no silicone, no dyes or perfumes.

For those undergoing treatment, capillary and sebaceous gland activity are reduced. causing the skin and scalp to dry out and lead to temporary hair loss. Terapo Medik provides hydration during treatment which can lead to vigorous regrowth after hair loss. This premium scalp health-care solution provides optimal care before, during and after treatment.