Christmas Wishes For All
Written, December 24, 2012
The Compression Garment Diaries.

Time with family is what is most important during these next few days. I hope that you all enjoy the moments with your loved ones over the holidays. Forget about your to do lists, don’t worry about what is not done because in reality it is not important.

I’ve been in a number of discussions pertaining to reducing stress and honestly I still do not have the answers. It is easy to put aside what is unimportant when the work component is not part of my life. I’m not sure what my life will look like once employment encompasses eight hours of my day again. I am going to do my best to search for the answers. I will need to adjust to get rid of stress. I don’t want that to be the main influence in my life anymore. Priorities, being in the moment, really experiencing situations will be goals for me. How I get there will be under constant development.

With that said, happy holidays to you all, enjoy your family time and most importantly enjoy yourselves. Be grateful for all you have. If you made a list, you would be amazed at the abundance around you. I don’t mean objects. Significant items like love, friends, your kids, your pets, family, joy, and all the precious things that are in your life that you may take for granted. My list includes the following: Les, Sid, Griffin, my sisters, Mia and Felicia, my parents, and my friend’s – too many to name and you all know I hold you dearly. My pets and included here, Lulu and Keats, even though they piss all over my house! My medical team should be noted and the love of those close to me. I am thankful for my strength, determination, and for being alive today and spending it with my family.

I wrote this blog 4 years ago and I still struggle with my priorities. Work does not get in the way anymore, I love what I do and it makes me content each day that I am here. I know what I am doing is needed and that I am making a difference in people’s lives. When I first decided to open The Unexpected Gift, people were concerned it would be too emotional for me, too draining. Instead, it provides me with energy. I was told I would be working 80 hours a week to make it work, I don’t do that, maybe I should but there is so much more important than monetary success. I go home, I spend time with my family and I don’t worry about the business. I know that the business will come, unfortunately, but I completely believe this is a needed service and it will grow.

Reading this blog was a good reminder for me – to remember all the most fantastic people in my life. Since I wrote this blog, so much has happened and changed; reading this makes me remember. My father passed away in 2013, he was 84 and no matter how long it has been, there is so much I want to tell him and share with him. I am incredibly grateful for the time I was able to spend with him and learn from him. I miss him so much. Friends have come and gone and I am grateful for those in my life right now, at this moment. Our cat, Keats, died after having him for 21 years – 21 cat years is a long life. Family relationships have become unsteady, but those relationships are in my heart and I wait for time to work it out.

People ask if I am ready for the holidays, and I am – only because I know what is important. I will spend the holidays with family and I will enjoy each minute. All the laughter and joy, I am going to be immersed in it and I cannot wait.

Happy holidays to all of your moments. Be well.