We are not a gift shop and we are not a maternity store. No, cancer is not a gift. Unexpectedly, it changed my focus on what life is about. It changed my views on how I was living my life and I knew I needed to do something different. So, I opened a store to help other people find what they need to get through this diagnosis with confidence and self-compassion.

The Unexpected Gift is like walking into your own home, it’s cozy and welcoming. You might not want to walk into a store that is focused on cancer. You may not want people to know what you are dealing with. For some it is very personal and private. That’s ok. We have a back door!

If you are not comfortable being in a store to look for a wig, or being fitted for a  breast form, you can make a private appointment after the store has closed. I understand privacy and I am happy to help in any way. We also have a private room, so you can try wigs on your own, while in the store. It is really all about what makes you feel best.

You might want to come in and just look around, that’s great. There is so much that a person has to process, this should not be another “to-do”. Come in, walk around, see what there is and ask questions. We do not mind. My accountant will shake her head at this, but it’s not about the sale. It is not a hard sell, in fact if you just have a bunch of questions that you want to ask and have no intention of buying anything, come on in. I’ll make us some tea! I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a lot of knowledge and experience.

It’s a membership you did not want to sign up for, I get that. Shopping for a wig was never on your bucket list. What we try to do is make a very distressing situation, a bit of fun. I think it’s fantastic when people come in with friends and try on every wig – just to see how they might look. That makes it fun. Sometimes women decide to go with a completely different look! It’s these moments that make it a gift.

If you need a private place, The Unexpected Gift can be that for you – just call! If you want a party, bring the bunch.

My most favorite moments are when a number of women are in the store and by chance a conversation begins. Out of the blue, we are all talking about what stage we are at, what is happening and what to do about certain side-effects. It’s like a “flash” support group. It just happens and it is so honest and I see all the vulnerability at first, but then there it is – that membership that you did not want. People you do not even know – get it, get you. It is unexpected and it simply unfolds in a safe place.

The Unexpected Gift can be whatever you desire it to be, just call and we can figure it out.