The heart of PurelyGorgeous is to serve and teach women about natural skin care as well as colour cosmetics. It is to show women a NEW way of doing makeup that is good for you and for your skin. It is teaching women to love themselves as they were created and how to apply makeup to their face.

I started PurelyGorgeous out of my own passion. That passion was for beautiful cosmetics that not only felt amazing on the skin and would go on seamlessly, but also work for the skin, heal the skin and allow women to love who they are on the inside as well as on the out. PurelyGorgeous was born several years ago to bring women truly natural and organic skin care and cosmetics. I worked in the industry for a many, many years, all the while not seeing a lot of transparency, and I realized that I was looking for more. At the time, I did not realize what “more” was. Although I had lots of knowledge which came from working as a free-lance makeup artist as well as a educator, counter manager and sales rep. I had a lot of questions not being answered. This turned my focus to the natural cosmetic industry. I had tried it and desperately wanted to like natural and organic, however to no avail, it left my skin dry and itchy, my eyes irritated and watery and my lips chapped. That left me asking a lot of questions about an industry that was to be gentle and soothing and leave those with sensitivities, options and alternatives. It would be several years after this encounter that I would start my journey to what would become PurelyGorgeous.

PurelyGorgeous started at my dining room table in Winkler, Manitoba. It began with a close friend of mine (Stacey) as well as a magic bullet, some micas, iron oxides as well as other ingredients that were new to me. Over the internet we signed up for some introductory classes and thus began our small little factory of plastic baggies, small measuring tools and the excitement over our first little blend of loose mineral blush and then eye shadow and some really bad looking loose mineral foundation. We were ecstatic!

Fast forward several years and trials later. I am now working with a team a super talented people. PurelyGorgeous has moved from a dining room table to a more sterile environment, a lab, where I now work with a “green” chemist. Here we work through formulations and ideas and concepts. Every part of PurelyGorgeous is researched, developed, created, and tested in Manitoba. Our talented team is able to take absolutely amazing raw materials and turn then into quality products you will reach for again and again. The finished product is a testament to the raw materials we are using. We have not moved away from the heart of why I started PurelyGorgeous. We offer you truly natural and certified organic products that are created with you in mind, leaving you with absolutely beautiful skin care, colour cosmetics and bath and body products. PurelyGorgeous, beauty with a conscious.

Rebecca Kroeker, Owner