Looking for the right bra for your body can be very confusing. I feel that every bra fitter has their own way of measuring and fitting bras. That is alright, there is nothing wrong with fitting the best way that you know how to.

Here is my opinion on bra fitting, there is a science to it. There are measurements involved, not a guess an actual measurement. What may be surprising to you, not all bras fit the same way. You will not always be a 36B. This might be hard for some of you to swallow, because “I have always been a 36B”!

Bras fit based on how they are constructed, the material used and the brand. What also might be surprising to you is, during the day a body can change.

We swell. Sometimes it is due to slight dehydration, temperature, or edema. In the case of women who have undergone a breast surgery, where there is lymph node involvement, your trunk may get bigger over the course of the day. It may not be noticeable, but you may have the urge to rip your bra off.

As a certified fitter, I do not feel that someone who is a 40 should be wearing a 38. It is only a number and it does not indicate anything, other than a measurement around your torso. It is not the same as fitting into a size 6 (not that there is anything wrong with a size six, I think my ankles might be that size!).

I want you to feel comfortable in the bra you purchase – for longer than the ten minutes you wear it in the store for. Being comfortable for the whole day is the goal. I do not want you to have that “get – this – bra –  off – me – now” feeling.

Understanding what a reconstructed breast feels like, helps when fitting. That breast may swell, slightly or may be bigger or smaller than the other breast. Fitting properly means that symmetry is achieved. More importantly, self-confidence is off the charts. I want you to feel so happy, that for a brief moment you want to run around with only your bra on!

I want you to feel that fabulous.

There is a lot going on in your head after breast cancer. Issues of self-love, emotional pain, not knowing your body anymore and not looking the same. I understand all of this and I want you to feel safe and cared about when you come in. The environment here is calm, quiet, and compassionate.

Come in for a fitting, no matter what your circumstance.  Bring a friend, she might be surprised at how amazing our bras are and buy one too!