Do you remember when you used talcum powder to cool off or dry off. I remember when baby powder came out in a lavender scent, I was excited because I love lavender. I am going to admit, I dusted my undies in it. Cool and refreshing.

Did you know that talc and asbestos are formed together; if you mine talc, the odds are good there will be asbestos contamination in it. Whaat…yes, if you have talc, you most likely have asbestos in it. Why should you care? Check your makeup label, it probably includes talc.

Talc helps makeup, like eye shadow, come out smooth and silky. It helps to “set” your makeup. It is a soft substance that helps keep you dry and aids in keeping the shine down. It is used in many make up brands that are likely in your cosmetic bag.

I am going to draw your attention to baby powder, the stuff we use on our kids to prevent diaper rash, or as adults in our undies to provide freshness. Did you know that asbestos is a common cause of mesothelioma? The particles are small and breathable. Talcum powder that contains asbestos can cause mesothelioma and has been found to be a cause for ovarian cancer. (Again, I used this in my underwear when I was younger…). There are no regulations for testing makeup and powders to see if they contain asbestos, so buyers beware.

Talc by any other name: look for talcum, talcum powder, cosmetic talc, and magnesium silicate.

These two links spell it out much better than I can. I strongly urge you to read these and print out the PDF report. If I have not caused you concern, these articles will.

If concern causes you to educate yourself, then I feel that is alright. Education will help people make better choices. Educate yourself and protect yourself, make informed choices on what you put on your body (or in your underwear!!).